The British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club
Dr. Paul Leblond 

Dr. Paul H. Leblond, FRSC

Paul Leblond is an eminent world-class academic, originally from the province of Quebec, who is renowned for his work in the realm of the ocean sciences. Previously head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Leblond, although retired, continues to sit on many boards and carries on consultation in regard to the preservation and conservation of the oceans of the world.

A former director of the International Society of Cryptozoology, Dr Leblond is a driving force behind the success of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club. In establishing the BCSCC Quarterly as the club’s flagship publication and acting as its editor from 1989 to 1996, Dr Leblond has given the cryptozoological community a publication which is both informative and of immense value to those who seek the facts about cryptozoological research on a global scale.

His leadership in the area of research into the enigma of the North Pacific Megaserpent, Cadborosaurus willsi, has resulted in extensive data being gathered on this animal. Along with Dr Edward Bousfield, Dr Leblond has authored Cadborosaurus: Survivor from the Deep (Horsdal and Schubert, 1995), the seminal work on this great cryptozoological marvel.

Dr Leblond resides on Galiano Island and is much-coveted speaker at many scientific and cryptozoological forums around the world. His rapier-sharp wit and gallic charm make a speaking engagement by this brilliant scientist a most enjoyable and informative experience.

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