The BCSCC is actively engaged in providing educational information sessions regarding Cryptozoology and the work of Canada’s Cryptozoology Organization. Previous events have taken place at Sasquatch Provincial Park, West Vancouver Memorial Library, and Telus World of Science.

We have a wide range of fascinating materials such as footprint casts, sketches, photos and video of alleged cryptids, and a large collection of the finest publications in Cryptozoology. Exciting information is presented by slideshow, posters and handouts.

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Media Information

Since our inception in 1989, the BCSCC has assisted many television companies in the accurate and intelligent portrayal of cryptids in their documentaries and educational programs. Our advisors have assisted in programs which have been featured on The learning Channel, BBC Natural History, Nova, TV Ontario, The History Channel, Space Network, CTV, Discovery and a host of other stations and networks.

We have also assisted authors, newspapers and periodicals with our vast cryptozoological resources. Our executive committee comprises actual field investigators who have been actively searching for data that either verifies or disproves the existence of such animals. In some cases our own investigators have seen and recorded cryptids.

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We gladly invite cryptozoological enthusiasts to apply to join the BCSCC and become a part of the greater cryptozoological research community.

The BCSCC reserves the right to decline memberships – at our sole discretion – to anyone not meeting our eligibility requirements or other criteria we may use to determine suitability.

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