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The BCSCC welcomes interested visitors to our site to apply for membership in the club if they agree with the following tenets of the club:

  1. The BCSCC does not believe in the killing of any cryptid whatsoever, for any purpose, including those in the interest of scientific research. We are a conservation and preservation-oriented organisation and reject the need to kill for the sake of science. There is no way of knowing absolutely how many surviving animals there are of any given cryptid grouping. If a cryptid – which is already deceased – is obtained, the BCSCC has no qualms with having the specimen examined according to scientifically acceptable protocols.
  2. We are a strictly scientific body which does not utilise, accept or discuss any non-scientific method or conjecture as to the origins, identities and morphology of cryptids within the framework of the club and its activities.
  3. Persons wishing to join the club must be of attestable good character.
  4. Members are expected to play a part in the life, development and growth of the club. This is not a club for sedentary individuals. We strongly encourage members to be involved in cryptozoological research wherever they may live.

The annual fee for Full Membership for those who meet our eligibility requirements is Can$30 for Canadian residents and US$30 for those outside Canada, payable by money order or personal cheque, and entitles members to four issues of the club newsletter, a handsome membership certificate and the BCSCC Guides to Cryptids brochures. New members will receive their packages when the mosrt recent issue of the Quarterly is published. There may be several weeks before this happens.

Anyone wishing to further the aims of the club by assisting us with a greater financial contribution is eligible to apply to become a Benefactor of the Club. Upon approval by the BCSCC Panel, Benefactors will receive a distinctive membership certificate and will also receive special privileges at all club events. Prospective members may wish to know that they are eligible to become benefactors by making a special contribution to the club of US$100 or more.

Unfortunately, gifts to the club are not as yet tax deductible. Memberships are renewable on an annual basis for the club newsletter subscription.

An application form to join our membership may be obtained by email to:

Prospective members should make their cheques out to:

“J. Kirk, Treasurer, BCSCC.”

If for any reason an application is not accepted by the BCSCC, your cheque will be returned.

The BCSCC reserves the right to decline memberships – at our sole discretion – to anyone not meeting our eligibility requirements or other criteria we may use to determine suitability.

We gladly invite cryptozoological enthusiasts to apply to join the BCSCC and become a part of the greater cryptozoological research community. Apply to join today.

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