Join the BCSCC and get the BCSCC Quarterly

The longest running cryptozoological publication in the world is the BCSCC Quarterly which has been published since June, 1989.

The Quarterly is a privilege of membership in the BCSCC and is full of articles, photos and critical analysis of events and discoveries in the cryptozoological realm. For instance our latest issue #94 contains articles on the following:

Stability Returns to the Bigfoot Realm 
The Hawkesbury River Cryptid 
Sykes Polar Bear DNA Test Results Challenged by British Scientists
French to Commence Cryptotourism

and reviews of books, programs and cryptozoology-related media. Plus, we have a members only section that features the latest in events and conferences members can take part in.
Contributors to the Quarterly have included John Kirk, Paul LeBlond, Jason Walton, Sebastian Wang, Loren Coleman, Ben Radford, Bill Gibbons, Gavin Joth, Vance Marten and many others.

If you would like to receive the BCSCC Quarterly apply to join the club. Annual dues are just $40 per year and you will also have the privilege of joing the BCSCC Facebook page which has exclusive content for members only. Send an email to to get your application for membership application.

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