Discovering Cadborosaurus a Terrific Primer for BC’s Mystery Sea Serpent

With the BCSCC’s recent uncovering of the discovery of a an unknown serpent in Howe Sound in 1928, what better times is there to grab a copy of the best reference book on the subject of Cadborosaurus? Written by BCSCC directors Paul LeBlond, John Kirk and Jason Walton, Discovering Cadborosaurus is a comprehensive guide to …

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What’s in the latest edition of the BCSCC Quarterly

Members of the BCSCC receive four issues of the BCSCC Quarterly every year. It’s all part of their privileges of membership. BCSCC members, here’s what’s in the latest BCSCC Quarterly out today: Cadborosaurus specimen caught in 1928. The Sad Life and Times of Albert Ostman. Police officer sights sasquatch. New England Sea Serpent revisited. Russian official …

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New Ogopogo Book a Delight for Children

Author Dorothy Hawes has crafted a delightful children’s book on Ogopogo, the denizen of Okanagan Lake. It is profusely illustrated with beautiful paintings by artist Maggie Parr. We strongly recommend this book as a way for children to understand the story of Ogopogo from a First Nations perspective. More information is provided at:

Bigfoot Receives Own Special Issue of Newsweek

On newsstands now is the special News week tribute to Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The publication is a an informative look at the world of bipedal unknown hominids around the world with special emphasis on the North American variety. Included among the featured contributors is John Kirk, the President of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club. This is …

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Join the BCSCC and get the BCSCC Quarterly

The longest running cryptozoological publication in the world is the BCSCC Quarterly which has been published since June, 1989. The Quarterly is a privilege of membership in the BCSCC and is full of articles, photos and critical analysis of events and discoveries in the cryptozoological realm. For instance our latest issue #94 contains articles on …

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International Cryptozoology Museum Conference

Honorary BCSCC member and respected cryptozoological author Loren Coleman has announced details of a new conference. Loren proudly announces the International Cryptozoology Museum Conference, January 4-5-6, 2016, in America’s Oldest European-Settled City ~ St. Augustine, Florida. for further details please visit:

New Cadborosaurus Book Now Available

The long anticipated Discovering Cadborosaurus by Paul LeBlond, John Kirk and Jason Walton of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club and CaddyScan is now finally available to cryptozoology enthusiasts everywhere. Cadborosaurus is the generic name given to a variety of unknown serpentine cryptids found in British Columbia and adjacent coastal waters. Today it is our …

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