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13th Anniversary of the Passing of the late great Rene Dahinden

Today is the 13th anniversary of the passing of our very good friend and colleague Rene Dahinden (with the legendary Roger Patterson above). A visit was paid to his old haunt the Vancouver Gun Club this morning and our club was  reminded of the great times w had with him out there. His passing at age 70 was premature, but he battled cancer for two years before he parted this life and did so in a way that was inspiring and heroic.

He was the most honest guy we ever knew and Rene was so generous as well. His straight-shooting style didn’t always endear him to people, but this is what we liked about him. No one has any business messing with facts and Rene made dead sure that you didn’t play around with them. Truth was his paramount goal.

He is sorely missed and how we wish the younger generation could have got to know him as they would have learned so much from this pioneer in the sasquatch field. He would have exposed a lot of the garbage we see on TV as just that: garbage. We will always remember him and maintain his legacy of integrity in the field of sasquatch investigation.